Recruitment website applicant tracking system for your team. Instant.

Easy to start

Just answer several questions about your team/company, and at least one vacancy and you are ready to go. will generate lite landing page so that you can start advertising it and get responses right away.

Applicant tracking system

Lightweight and easy ATS: rate responses, comment, collaborate with your team and create simple funnels.
Convenient Inbox and responses feed, just like in your favorite social networks, but with responses instead of posts.

Rate responses in a convenient way

Once at least two teammates upvoted a response independently, it will be automatically filtered in the Upvoted folder.

Your own domain and website

Own your traffic and responses and promote your site instead of some huge platform.

Other supported features

  • Filter vacancies by location
  • add links to posts
  • describe your team for applicants
  • create custom response forms for each job
  • rate and track applications
  • track traffic sources
  • create short/custom links
  • invite your teammates for a convenient collaboration
  • own/custom domain name
  • response notifications
  • create custom stages to fit your recruiting process or stay lean and keep it simple (inbox/upvote/hire)
  • comment, discuss and #tag responses
  • and more
It is free for small teams (under ten people) – unlimited posts, unlimited access, all features available.